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BEKORA MINERS are an indigenous artisanal mining company registered and operating since since 1989 and specializes in mining of non-ferrous metal like gold, diamond, silver and dealing primarily in gold dust and gold bars. We own and control several mining sites in mining communities of the Eastern Region of Cameroon, especially the town of Bertoua. You can contact us to buy gold and diamond in Cameroon.

Before the discovery of six new gold fields where in Cameroon in 2012, there were only nine primary gold mining fields in Cameroon that were big enough to be nationally considered gold fields and BEKORA MINERS alone owned four of them. Being one of the prestigious mining companies in Cameroon to fully participate in the views and actions of the Artisan Mining Support and Promotion Framework (CAPAM), an outfit created by government to channel gold into the mainstream of industrial production, BEKORA MINERS held a high priority position in the scramble of those newly discovered gold fields and finally acquired unrestricted licenses to three, raising the number of her gold mining fields to seven.

Prince Eric Mukete and our partner from India after successfully signing a partnership deal.

Today, with the discovery and acquisition of more gold mining fields in Cameroon we own 24 mining sites and counting, maintaining a capacity and the capability to meet your gold dust demand on weekly or monthly basis, based on the purchasing power of buyers as well as their satisfaction with our contractual agreement with other customers around the world.

Should you be interested, we would like you to indicate by contacting us for negotiation. The stock is located within the Cameroonian city, Bertoua Cameroon. You may also act as a broker or agent in sourcing for serious buyers on an 11% commission basis from us.

king and our partner from Bangladesh

Our Partners paying respect to the King of Bekora Community .

I must admit at this point that we often encourage all our customer to visit our local as they might be interested to invest and expand mines.

We are Common initiative Group registered here in Cameroon.Also note that we have little or no record on the internet because of fear to share our details on internet it might just fall in wrong hands.

Cameroon mining system is basically artisan.That is why we always advice foreign investors to aid us with modern mining material and equipment.

Our selling terms are very straight and forward we sell only 24+ carat Gold to international market and sell any lesser Carat (22,21,18 etc) to our domestic market here in Cameroon.At every point our business terms are negotiable. Since most of our village elders are illiterates we avoid a lot of paper work. However its obligatory for us to respect our state laws.We equally also want to let you know that we expect the utmost of transparency and honesty from our customers as we get into business.

We shall be grateful to furnish you with any further information that you may require after hearing from you and shall consider it a privilege entering into long-lasting relationship between both parties


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