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White Gold Prices in Worldwide.

White Gold

The price of gold is subject to both upward and downward fluctuations. The cause of such alteration is approximately linked to the economy. Global financial economy conditions or the value of the dollar have a direct impact on the value of gold. In such a way, it lost a third of its value in 2013 to 2014. Ounce of gold lost a third of its value starting from 1700$ to 1300$. Hong Kong is the country with the cheapest gold price in the world. You can walk into a number of banks and purchase gold coins, often with a lower premium consider to other countries.

What is the price of white gold right now worldwide?

  • Gold Spot Prices                                Gold Price               Spot Change
  • Gold Price Per Ounce                       $1,881.00                   $7.40
  • Gold Price Per Gram                         $60.48   $0.24
  • Gold Price Per Kilo                            $60,475.51                 $237.92

Gold Price in China right now per Gram

  • Current Price:                        ¥399.72 CNY
  • Today Low:                             ¥399.15 CNY
  • Today High:                            ¥400.93 CNY
  • Today 1 USD:                          ¥6.6253 CNY
  • Today 1 CNY:                         $0.15094 USD

Gold Price in Hong Kong right now per Gram

  • Current Price:                               04 HKD
  • Today Low:                                    16 HKD
  • Today High:                                   20 HKD
  • Today 1 USD:                                 754205 HKD
  • Today 1 HKD:                                $0.12896 USD

Gold Price in Cameroon right now per Gram Central African CFA Franc

  • Ounce                                  1,043,152.95 XAF
  • Tola                                      391,182.36 XAF
  • Gram 24K                            33,537.37 XAF
  • Gram 22K                            30,742.59 XAF
  • Gram 21K                            29,345.20 XAF
  • Gram 18K                            25,153.03 XAF

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