In Cameroon, a TRADITIONAL COUNCIL CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE is issued by the government only, precisely the The national Traditional council for precious metals abbreviated as NTC

Since Cameroon is a African State, a TRADITIONAL COUNCIL CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE is required for the purchase of gold and many other precious stones. The process of getting the CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE tis easy. Simply go to the NTC website , visit  and download the CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE  form. Kindly note you would be required to pay 50$ USD per every kg of Gold you intend buy. This fee is called Royalty fee 

The application form is self explanatory. It contains vital information such as different permit duration and their costs. We will be very happy to help you accurately fill the form if there are some questions that do not appear very clear or obvious to you.

Although the permit acquisition is a straight-forward process, intermediaries such as representatives of gold miners, gold refineries and gold traders can apply for the permit on behalf of their clients. If a client takes advantage of this provision and allows us apply for the permit on their behalf, they will be able to cut down all intermediary costs and also considerably cut down the wait period from weeks to just a few days.